Our Services

The experts working in BackOffice are professionals in the establishment and management of new and already existing companies, with a wide range of consultation for local and foreign companies, operating in Bulgaria.

  • We have specialized in each one of the processes, necessary for the establishment of a company.
  • We provide opportunities for the implementation of a successful conclusion of business deals.
  • We offer a wide range of consulting services.
  • We arrange and provide an opportunity to establish an office and register a company at a specific address.
  • We provide accounting and secretarial services.
  • We provide an adequate staff support.
  • We offer good connections with key market players, enabling you to develop your business.
  • We have specialized in the process of starting shops, as we are directly related to the key players in the field of trade.

Start up companies

We arrange the complete documentation for all foreign Start Up companies, which want to operate in Bulgaria. As consultants, we are available from the very first stage of the process, moving on to the next stage when we search for the optimal solutions for the operation and functioning of the companies.
Our team of managers performs an overall service of the companies, optionally also in our offices. We perform operational running of the company, hiring or employing adequate staff, as well as the administrative activities and administrative procedures of the company and managing its finances.

Acquisition of the relevant documents for work
We, in BackOffice, based on the excellent experience and knowledge of the Bulgarian domestic market, quickly and efficiently arrange the necessary documentation, which includes:

  • work permits for foreigners
  • permits for employers
  • contracts of employment (full-time, on retainer fee…)

Work permits for foreigners
We arrange all the necessary documentation for the employment of a foreigner and save you the time, required for a number of bureaucratic procedures.

Registration of a contract of employment and social security
This includes hiring of an employee and the performance of the relevant registrations and social securities. We arrange all the necessary forms for the registration of an employee and the respective social security, without you wasting time for waiting and signing of various forms and declarations.

Settlement of salaries
The services of BackOffice include a regulated payment system. We take care of the salary payments and prepare modules for automatic payments electronically.

Accounting services and book-keeping
We provide a wide range of accounting services.

  • We maintain regular accounting.
  • We prepare annual reports in accordance with the Bulgarian accounting standards and the international accounting standards (International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • We prepare accounting reports in accordance with the instructions of reputable audit companies.

We provide training and consultancy, as well as preparation of consolidated financial statements, prepared in accordance with the Bulgarian accounting standards and the international financial reporting standards (International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). We prepare computer-based accounting packages for the database, and for the purposes of control. We prepare the reporting packages in English and other languages, ​​according to the international requirements of the company.

Tax consulting
We provide consultancy on how to implement in the best way all tax obligations in a manner, ensuring the company’s higher level of profitability.