The business opportunities in Bulgaria

On a global scale, Bulgaria offers its foreign investors a company management, which is one of the most competitive in terms of costs. The real estate market offers a great variety of modern business offices at a low cost rent or purchase price. For the European standard, the income taxes and labor costs are low, while privatization and deregulation create new opportunities in the field of information technologies, telecommunication industry and trade.

Over 4,8 million of the population consists of highly educated and qualified workforce (52 % men, 48 % women). A high percentage of the workforce has completed secondary, technical or vocational education, whereas most of them offer competitive knowledge in the field of medicine, engineering, economics and various sciences. The qualification of the workforce and the relatively low labor costs are one of the key factors for the establishment and investment of foreign companies in Bulgaria. In its annual report, the European Commission noted that in general the Bulgarian market is functional, with a high degree of macroeconomic stability and high functioning market mechanisms. The advantage of the Bulgarian economy is that it works with a local currency of a fixed exchange rate (1 Bulgarian lev = 1,95583 €), which ensures a predictable macroeconomic environment.

In Bulgaria, the tax rate for the capital gains tax is one of the lowest in Europe. In 2007 the corporate tax rate was reduced to 10 %, and in the areas with a high level of unemployment, it is zero (0 %). Bulgaria is a country with a minimal tax on labor costs; the difference between net and gross salary is 35 % at the most; the salary, compared to that in the EU, is low and well below the average for the EU.