About Us

BackOffice is a company that fully manages and establishes foreign companies in Bulgaria, offering a 360 degree consulting. Our company is Bulgarian, having Slovenian and Bulgarian specialists who are extremely familiar with the Bulgarian market, labor and tax legislation and the overall procedure for registration of newly established companies. We offer a wide range of consulting services in the field of entrepreneurship: business, tax, financial, personnel, legal and marketing consulting and accounting services.

Each newly established company has its own requirements and specifics. The choice of any of the services of BackOffice is modular and can be fully adapted to the requirements of your company.

About the Director

Marko Benda (MBA diploma and postgraduate certificate in Business Management) has gained a lot of experience as a manager in various companies and the successor of Smart Fashion LTD, which he established in 2009 in Sofia. He uses this experience for the purposes of BackOffice. The company has become an expert in the development of business strategies, business structures and management of organizations. The company has created new business opportunities for its clients through recommendations and has specialized in the implementation and introduction of creative business solutions.

Smart Fashion LTD works with a wide range of services and strategic business consulting, marketing consulting, financial management and control, activities in the field of ​​information technologies, electronic operation of the company, managing the supply chain, as well as implementation of all the above indicated activities.