During the last years Bulgaria has become one of the most attractive investment markets in Europe. Doing business in Bulgaria bgmapmeans working in an environment with great opportunities, which is also known for its extremely favorable requirements of tax legislation.
The key factors, which determine Bulgaria as one of the most competitive countries in terms of investments, are economic, social and political. The political system, governed as a parliamentary republic, ensures a stable legislation. The operating expenses in Bulgaria, compared to the costs in any other EU country, are extremely low, the tax rate is among the lowest in Europe, and the indicators of economic growth each year are positive. As a result, the foreign investments during the last few years on the Bulgarian market are dynamic and numerous.
On this page you will find information about the Slovenian company BackOffice, which will be your reliable partner in the opening, operation and strategic directions for your future or already operating company in Bulgaria. We are familiar both with the Slovenian and Bulgarian labor and tax legislation and therefore we act as experts and reliable partners in the search for business opportunities and in the implementation of all required procedures and processes, necessary for the establishment and subsequent operation of your company in Bulgaria.